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We hope you can find everything you need. Turnipseed Private Investigations Security Firm ,LLC (hereafter referred to as TPISF) provide a variety of Services to clients of all walks of life. We serve those throughout Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. TPISF's and Contractors are professional in "Law Enforcement, Investigations, Security, and other Related Services". The "Market" TPISF,LLC serves are as followed:

Federal Government Agencies, State Government Agencies, Organizations (Profit and Non-Profit), Entrepreneurs, Sole Proprietors, Independent Contractors. And, Individuals 18 years of age, and above. We also offer a Loan Program Service and Notary Service. TPISF exemplifies the highest standards of intelligence, respect, honesty, and dependability to those for whom they render professional services. OUR TOP PRIORTIES ARE THE CUSTOMERS WE SERVE!! WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING EXPLICITLY FOR YOU.

Vacation Condo

Rentals 1, & 2 bedrooms

Loan Program

 Direct Lender

General Professional Services

Includes Notary Service

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